Hey! I'm Robin.

I'm working as a full-stack engineer and co-founder at prototypers and as a red teamer & pentester at Deutsche Telekom.

Specialized in building:

  • Automations and integrations
  • Full-Stack web applications
  • Cloud solutions (with AWS)
  • Security tools and infrastructure

Making things. Breaking things.

  • 15+ years experience as a software engineer
  • 8+ years experience as a penetration tester
  • 3+ years experience as a co-founder
Mostly writing Go and TypeScript. I am 2x AWS certified and 2x Offensive Security certified.

Open source


  • Screenshot campingbroetchen.de


    Digital (breakfast) ordering for camping places (SaaS)

  • Screenshot kursbuddy.de


    (Sport-) course and member management (SaaS)

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