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I am a consultant and developer with a strong background in IT Security and a focus on high quality software. I build your web application, webpage or prototype and work with proven technology. This includes Python, Go, JavaScript (Node.js, React) and HTML5/CSS3.



I build your prototype or minimal viable product by using state-of-the-art technologies.

Web Applications

Web applications, web pages, content management systems, shops, blogs etc.


I help you to digitalize your processes and bring your company up to date.

Recent projects


This webapp allows to upload pdf forms, mark fields and save them as templates. Users are then able to fill this forms and send them as letters in seconds.

in private beta


Creates professional presentations and infographics for content authors by providing a powerful webapp to handle workflow between author and consultant.

Briefe Fuer Oma

Send a monthly letter to a loved one with a set of pictures, gathered over the month by your family. In a digitalized world, its nice to hold some memories in your hand and not your phone., closed


This SaaS webapp helps to manage sport (and other types of) courses with a simple but powerful interface, involving instructors to lead their courses and important statistics for optimizations.


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